Bringing the Countryside closer to You

Björkvik is a rural area which is situated in between the towns of Katrineholm and Nyköping in the southern part of the county of Södermanland. Not far from Stockholm Skavsta-Airport.

Björkvik's distinctive landscape was formed during the latest Ice Age by boulder ridges, boulders and moraines, which produced fertile fields and explains its long-established agricultural history. The area is a mosaic of meadows, forests, lakes and arable land, where cottages and farms form a string of pearls along old country lanes. There are also several manor houses from the 17th Century situated by Lake Yngaren.

Hence, Björkvik is home to some beautiful scenery and for anyone that enjoys the life of the countryside it offers a variety of activities, such as cycling, hiking, bathing, mushroom picking, or, indeed, just relaxing. If one has an interest in wild animals, elks, fallow deer, roe deer, foxes or wild boars can be spotted as they appear at twilight from the edge of the forest.

Yet, if one wishes a change of scenery, the historical town of Nyköping and the important railway junction and industrial town of Katrineholm are only a thirty minutes drive away. From these towns there are excellent train services to Stockholm, but the capital can also be reached by joining the north-bound E4 motorway at any of the nearby junctions. In fact, with Skavsta Airport being situated approximately 35 kilometres from Björkvik, London is just around the corner.

Furthermore, despite its peacefulness, Björkvik is by no means dying off, but it has maintained its strong community spirit. It has preserved its tradition of handicraft and nowadays there is a variety of prospering small businesses.